Well, this song describe my whole feelings in front of my own friends …

Mirror of Paranoia


Awesome video done by my special person here.

Foreground Eclipse Marathon has started. Well, only three songs to translate in the end but still… Let’s do this in the best way possible! *Ultimate Fag Mode: on*

What to say about Last Liar Standing? Finding a fitting picture was so damn hard. So hard I thought I would have left the post without pictures. So hard that I almost flipped the tab- okay I stop.

Seriously talking, this title is genial and extremely fitting: Satori can read minds, so she knows when someone is lying, so she is the only one who can lie to others, since no one else can read her mind. Awesome title is just awesome.

Nothing much else to say, thought it was quite a surprise reading they arranged 3rd eye –to be honest, among all the possible Touhou theme, I would have never thought they would…

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